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Kadant GranTek


Expertise. Reliability. Performance.

Biodac offers the cleaner solution from formulation to application.


Experience. Efficacy. Safety.

Gran-sorb is the cleanest, safest, and most environmentally responsible cleanup solution.


For more than 30 years, Kadant GranTek Inc. has transformed papermaking waste products into granular products, helping numerous industries become more eco-friendly. Whether it’s creating a world-renowned dust-free granular carrier, or an incredibly efficient absorbent, Kadant GranTek uses only recycled papermaking waste.

Where We Help

Kadant GranTek uses recycled papermaking waste and transforms this waste material into several valuable commercial products.

More Products

We also use our environmentally friendly manufacturing to make a premium cat box filler and for other uses in the expanding and innovative area of composites.

Granular Sustainability

We make a positive impact on the environment while providing safe and user-friendly biodegradable products. In addition, we create no new waste in manufacturing our products, keeping the earth greener and cleaner.

Manufacturing Process

All of our products are manufactured from waste byproducts of select paper mills. Our emphasis on using post-consumer waste means less incineration, reduced air contamination, and reduced industrial landfill all of which contribute to a safer, cleaner, and healthier environment.