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Granular Sustainability

No Waste. Only Value Streams. That’s Real Sustainability.

Kadant GranTek creates value streams from wastepaper sludge that previously went to landfill. 100% natural, our Biodac cellulosic dust-free granules are sought after for pest control in crop protection, turf maintenance, and home lawn and gardens. In the fast-growing commercial mushroom industry, Biodac is more than a carrier, increasing yield up to 50%. 

A Word About Landfills

If you look at the landfill process, you will find that per dry ton of sludge landfilled, 0.78 tons of greenhouse gas equivalent (methane gas/CO2/N20) is generated. This estimate has been calculated according to current government standards and procedures by the firm of James S. Rickun Environmental Consulting of Madison, Wisconsin.

Kadant GranTek uses fluidized bed dryers to dry Biodac and discharges 0.39 tons of greenhouse gas equivalent (methane gas/CO2/N2O) per ton of product produced. Based on these figures the net result is that Biodac saves 0.39 tons of greenhouse gas equivalent per ton of product produced. On an average yearly basis, assuming production of 62,000 dry tons, this equates to a savings of 24,000 tons of greenhouse gas equivalent, creating a net positive impact on the environment. 

A Different Solution

Dust-free Biodac, made from cellulosic waste, is an ideal natural carrier of active ingredients and nutrients. The product range reaches turf professionals, golf course superintendents, horticulturists, farmers, and homeowners seeking sustainable solutions. Biodac is an excellent delivery system of plant protection chemistries, bio-pesticides, nutritional amendments and naturally allows more to get to the target sites without waste. 

In addition to being dust-free, which helps assure safe use in application, other notable properties include a high absorption capacity and excellent ballistics for spreadability. Compared with spray-on applications, the granules are not lost to volatilization, ending up on clothing or on individuals applying them.

“We are a multi-faceted sustainability success and business model in so many ways,” comments Mike Rader, president of Kadant GranTek. “Our customers gain a bio-friendly solution for growth, health, and safety. And our products biodegrade naturally. Summing it up, we make products from waste producing zero waste and generating no waste after being applied in agriculture, industry, or by consumers.”


Putting Biodac Granules To Use For Healthy, Safe Applications and Bountiful Results

With sustainability increasingly becoming the path forward for many corporations, our approach to using sludge as an asset can be a handy differentiator.

To learn more about Kadant GranTek, Gran-sorb, and Biodac, email us at  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..